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A weekly podcast hosted by Alan O’Mara. Each Real Talks episode provides a prominent Irish figure with the opportunity to talk about life lessons, leadership, resilience, purpose, sport, passions and much more during a relaxed, meaningful and humorous conversation.

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Latest episode

Episode 10 – Jamie Wall

Aired: July 7th, 2017

Duration: 01:06:03

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This episode of the Real Talks podcast with Jamie Wall was recorded in the heart of San Francisco.

A former underage player for Cork in both codes, Jamie was a prospect that had high hopes of representing his county for many years to come but back in 2014 his life changed after an abscess at the spine resulted in the loss of power in his legs.

During this conversation, Jamie talks openly and honestly about the day his legs first gave way and the ups and downs of the last three years as he has had to adapt to life in a chair and rise to numerous challenges.

He is now currently enjoying an extended break in a new city while also managing a GAA team on the west coast of America – an opportunity that arose after he coached Mary I to the Fitzgibbon Cup earlier in 2017.

Keep an ear out at the end of the show as well for an exciting update about the next season of the podcast which will kick off in the coming few weeks.

If new to the show, find us on iTunes and SoundCloud by searching ‘Real Talks’ to find previous episodes with Kevin McManamon, Brendan Maher, Jamie Clarke, Cora Staunton and more.

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Episode 10 – Jamie Wall

Aired: July 7th, 2017

Duration: 01:06:03

Twitter: Follow Jamie Wall

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