Aired: March 20th, 2017

Duration: 01:01:54

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About this episode

The first ever episode of the Real Talks podcast features Dublin’s four time All-Ireland winner, Kevin McManamon.

He chats about overcoming performance anxiety that held him back in earlier years and how his study of sports psychology has made him both a better player and person.

Kevin discusses becoming a key cog in a Dublin machine that has dominated Gaelic Football this decade as well as his love for a goal on the biggest occasions.

His love for music is instrumental in ensuring he maintains a balanced lifestyle and on top of all that we discuss the importance of resilience, particularly when it comes to educating people on mental health, masculinity in the modern world and his love for Damien Dempsey.

What he said: “When I was pronouncing the other side of my life that I enjoyed, not only was I happier in general, but I was actually playing better!”

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