Aired: September 14th, 2017

Duration: 1:11:13

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This week on the podcast is Michael Fennelly, an eight time All-Ireland winner with Kilkenny. 

Under the management of Brian Cody, the Cats have become one the most respected and consistent teams in the history of the GAA. During the course of this hour long conversation, it was fascinating to get an insight into the culture of the group, as well as the individual mentality Michael has needed to survive and thrive in a high performance culture. 

The 2011 Hurler of the Year was incredibly honest about the impact his love of hurling has had on his body and mind and the many challenges he has had to overcome. 

Now in the latter end of his career at 32, he has changed jobs, studied leadership, started lecturing and began a journey into the entrepreneurial world. There is zero doubt that Michael Fennelly is much more than just a hurler. 

A special shoutout to the Gaelic Players Association’s Former Players Event which is taking place in Croke Park on September 16. A gathering that brings more than 500 legends of our games come together to recognise the incredible contribution they make to Irish society and sport. This series is all about showing the more human side to players and we will have many more fascinating conversations in the coming weeks. 

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