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Friday, September 16, 2022

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New well-being hub launched to promote positive mental health 

Press Release: Sep 17, 2022

SOSAD Ireland are delighted to partner with Real Talks, founded by former Cavan footballer Alan O’Mara, to launch a new online well-being hub.

The well-being hub will promote positive mental health and feature mental skills masterclasses with O’Mara, who now works as a performance and well-being coach with sports and business leaders around the world. 

The well-being hub also includes powerful conversations with leading figures such as Rory O’Connor (Rory’s Stories), David Balfe (For Those I Love) and Leanne Kiernan (Liverpool FC and Ireland). They share important life lessons and explore various aspects of well-being such as depression, grief, resilience, confidence and more. 

The hub was officially launched on Saturday, September 17 through an online video and will be followed up with the release of an extremely powerful conversation between Alan O’Mara and Rory O’Connor on September 22. 

See launch video here:

See promo clip with Rory O’Connor here:

All audio and video content will be available for free in the coming weeks in the Real Talks with SOSAD Ireland well-being hub. For more information, check out or search ‘Real Talks’ on whatever platform you prefer. 

This partnership has been supported by the Mental Health Ireland Resilience Fund.

Real Talks · COMING SOON – Real Talks with SOSAD Ireland well-being series

Real Talks Founder, Alan O’Mara said: “I am extremely proud and grateful to have partnered with SOSAD Ireland. Growing up in Cavan, I know how many people, families and communities have been supported by their incredible services. This new well-being hub places engaging, informative and high quality content at the heart of the SOSAD website and their social media channels. I passionately believe our work together will help many people and also help to highlight that no matter how dark a day may seem, SOSAD Ireland are always there to help.”

SOSAD Ireland General Manager, Carol Murphy, said; “EXCITING, ENERGIZING AND ENGAGING are not words normally associated with mental health. Alan O’Mara has changed all that. Launching the Real Talks with SOSAD Ireland well-being hub brings a new dimension to the conversation around mental health. Each new guest represents the potential to expand the conversation even more. Collaborating with people who are willing to share their lived experience. Laughter and tears. Growth and evolution. We are all learning, but most importantly we are talking and listening. This is a community collaboration, working as a collective to build on resilience, education and targeting vulnerabilities. It is preventative intervention concerning the promotion of mental health and coping abilities. Alan is a creative genius and we thank him, his team and of course the amazing people who told their story. To the listeners, this is YOUR show. And now the conversation begins.”

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