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Friday, April 8, 2022

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The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) teamed up with Real Talks, founded by former Cavan footballer Alan O’Mara, to launch The Players Voice podcast.  Each episode takes listeners inside the minds of some of Ireland’s most inspiring inter-county GAA players as they share important lessons from life on and off the field. 

Guests so far have included Tom Parsons (Mayo), Séadna and Chloe Morey (Clare), Kate Keaney (Donegal), Louise Galvin (Kerry), Conn Kilpatrick (Tyrone) and Neil McManus (Antrim). We have covered a range of issues including concussion, gambling addiction, leadership, pregnancy, sport/life balance and much, much more.

Find all episodes on Spotify, SoundCloud, or Apple or stream each episode below.

1. Tom Parsons (Mayo)

The Players Voice · Tom Parsons

2. Chloe and Séadna Morey (Clare)

The Players Voice · Chloe & Séadna Morey

3. Kate Keaney (Donegal)

The Players Voice · Kate Keaney

4. Louise Galvin (Kerry)

The Players Voice · Louise Galvin

5. Conn Kilpatrick (Tyrone)

The Players Voice · Conn Kilpatrick

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